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What's the point?

Window film is a great solution to any number of problems we face in the northwest. Our films reduce fading, cut glare, reduce heat gain, enhance views, add security, and improve the overall look of your windows. 

How does window film work?

Window tint works by selectively reducing the amount of UV, visible light, and heat that comes into the home or office. The films are specially formulated with sputter coated metal or ceramic to perform different tasks depending on the tint chosen. 

How will window tint stop my furniture from fading?

While nothing can stop fading completely, window film will drastically reduce fading by cutting out virtually all of the damaging UV light, some visible light depending on film type, and heat.

Will window film affect the natural lighting in my home?

We have many different types of window films, from virtually invisible to very dark. It really depends on what you choose for your particular application, but in most cases our tints actually increase visibility by reducing glare and therefore eyestrain.

What is the warranty of the film?

Normally, there is never a need to replace window film once it is applied. Our residential films are covered by a warranty (labor and supplies) for as long as you own your home. Commercial window film installations are covered for 15 years. 

Will the tint scratch or tear easily?

No, our window films come with a durable scratch resistant coating that protects the film against damage. 

How do I clean window film?

Window film can be cleaned using normal household window cleaning products. We will leave you with instructions for care and cleaning upon completion of the installation.

How do I know what film is right for me?

Cutting Edge Window Tinting provides free in-home consultations to guide you through the film choosing process, thus ensuring you get the perfect film for your application.

Do the films benefit newer energy efficient windows?

Yes. The films drastically increase the efficiency and effectiveness of windows even when they come with factory installed low-e type coatings. Additionally, the films provided and installed by Cutting Edge Window Tinting have been tested and are guaranteed dual pane safe.

What are some other benefits of solar window tints?

Windows films are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as a way to reduce the harmful UV rays entering your home or business.  





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